Carpets can enhance the decoration and interior of your home but require constant care. Apart from cleaning your carpet every few days and cleaning it immediately after it is colored, it is also important to clean your carpet every few months.

One of the best forms of cleaning is steam cleaning - but can you still use this method if you have hardwood floors under your carpet?

Can you steam a clean carpet on a hardwood floor? Yes, technically you can steam clean carpets on hardwood floors. However, you must be aware that hardwood floors are vulnerable to water damage, and you must take the steps necessary to protect them.

To learn more about how to properly clean carpets on hardwood floors, read on.

How to Clean Your Hardwood Flooring - 5 Useful Tips

Keeping hardwood floors clean is one of the easiest things to do if done carefully and intelligently. This type of flooring requires minimal maintenance and lasts for years. Note that although clean hardwood floors will also make your house look more spacious and beautiful, dirt and sand are the worst enemies of wood floors and can cause scratches. Therefore below are some tips on how to clean your hardwood floor and take care of it.

  • Dust and mops: Mopping the floor with a wet mop is one of the most effective and fastest ways to clean the floor. You must, however, remember to remove all surface dust from the floor with either a broom or a vacuum cleaner. After that, you can simply mop using plain water, rinse and repeat the action. Take care to remove all sand and dirt from the floor to avoid scouring or scratching.
  • Hardwood floor cleaners: Many hardwood floor cleaners are available on the market today. Neutral cleaners mixed with water are generally best used on all types of sealed wood floors. Watch out for worn patches; do not use water there because it can cause curling by going deep into the wood.
  • Wax and polish: A little wax or polish can add extra sparkle to the floor if it looks dull. However, it takes a bit of real elbow oil or floor polish to add sparkle to the floor. You should also remember that frequent use of wax or paint can cause problems with adhesion when you have to coat hardwood floors.
  • Vinegar and oil: A mixture of vinegar and oil is an old home remedy for getting extra luster to hardwood floors. Add some vinegar lid to a bucket of water to make a solution. Spray this solution on hardwood floors and wipe. Remember not to use too much water because it can damage the wood. After this, apply a cloth with a mixture of white vinegar and vegetable oil, and rub the floor like a car. Soon you will see a beautiful sparkle from the floor.
  • Steel wool: Stains are a common problem on all types of floors: hardwood, tile, or carpet. You can use steel wool to remove most of the stains from hardwood. Use a little alcohol with steel wool to remove stains and finish with polish and buff. However, if the stain does not disappear, you may need to sand it.


Dirt, sand, and sand are the worst enemies of hardwood floors. Every time you step on these types of particles, they act like sandpaper, and the wood becomes small. The methods above are useful tips for keeping your wood floor clean regularly. At the same time, remove spills immediately and don't let them in. This will help you avoid unnecessary damage and stains on your floor. Such treatment combined with the cleaning techniques above will ensure you have a great hardwood floor for years.

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