Here you will learn how to remove old coffee stains from the carpet. This is an easy DIY method that can help you get rid of carpet stains properly.

Coffee can be difficult to remove because of natural tannin dyes. There are three commonly used methods. Home remedies are applying vinegar and blot with a white towel. Diluting 1: 5 carpet acid rinse works at the easiest points. Commercial coffee stain removers are usually effective on difficult or pre-cleaned spills. However, the active ingredient, sodium metabisulfite can bite your nose and is considered dangerous for breathing.

Coffee that spills on the carpet can be frustrating. This can leave stubborn and unsightly stains on the carpet reminding you of your awkwardness all the time. It is always better to treat coffee stains as soon as that happens. But with a busy and busy schedule, you might just forget to clean the stain or you might have to do it later. So, if you are wondering how to remove old coffee stains from the carpet, then below are a few steps that can help you to get the best results.

how to get old tea and coffee stains out of carpet

Best Way To Get Old Coffee Stains Out Of Carpet

It doesn't matter if you are dealing with old or new stains, it's important to know how to get rid of stains before they get worse. You want to make and utilize a solution based on the type of spilled coffee. The following is a guide to help you treat coffee stains on your carpet.

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Step # 1: Wet the Stains

It is important to slightly wet the coffee stain with warm water. This will loosen dry coffee. Now, clean the wet area with the help of a dry white cloth starting from the edge of the stain. Gradually move it inward to prevent the color from seeping into the surrounding fibers. You must continue this process until there is no more transfer of coffee from the carpet to the fabric.

Step # 2: Prepare the Cleanser

You can make your own cleaning by using supplies that are already in your home. You can remove coffee stains from your carpet by using a few basic products. You can prepare a cleanser with one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap, 2 cups of warm water, and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Now, combine all this and mix well with a spoon.

Step # 3: Apply Cleanser

Now, you must apply the cleanser with the help of a clean cloth. Just like the first step, you have started to stain from the edge of the cleaning solution. Now, clean with a dry towel to remove coffee stains from carpet fibers.

Step # 4: What if Coffee Contains Sugar or Cream?

If coffee contains sugar or cream, then you can combine one enzyme detergent lid together with one cup of warm water. Now, you have to stir this solution very well to properly combine the whole solution. Now, you can use a new cloth and apply this cleaning solution over the old coffee stain. This will help break down the stickiness of sugar and cream.

Step # 5: Rinse your carpet

Now, you have to take cold water to rinse the carpet. Get rid of as much liquid as possible with a clean towel. After that, let the carpet dry. You should avoid walking in areas unless and until the place is completely dry.


So, now you know how to remove old coffee stains from the carpet. This is an easy do-it-yourself method that can help you properly remove coffee stains from the carpet. Coffee stains can be very stubborn and hence you might need the help of a professional carpet cleaner too. Although you can clean the stain using these steps, it is always better to get professional help if you are not sure.

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