Carpet should certainly end up being vacuumed before the professional carpet cleaning. A good pre-vacuum gets rid of dry dirt, exterior dust, and dander which means you obtain a deeper cleaning. Nonetheless, should you vacuum prior to a professional carpet cleaning? Or maybe should the rug cleaner take care of the vacuum-cleaning? In a nutshell, You must vacuum. Continue reading to understand why . . .

should you vacuum before carpet cleaning

The Reason Why Vacuuming So Important?

To begin with, by eliminating all these soils by the vacuum-cleaning procedure the carpet fabric is cleaned and lifted up into a position that will enable better coverage by recognizing agents and pre-conditioners. Therefore the cleaning chemicals are able to be absorbed and cleaning professional after which focus on work on every side of the fabric. Cleaning providers are able to do a more satisfactory job breaking down the sugars and protein which can be the consequence of spills as well as the soils which can be tracked in from outdoors and suspending all of them during the cleaning.

Then they make the removal procedure more effective by permitting the sugars and soils which have been suspended by cleaning chemicals to be more readily eliminated instead of being protected from the cleaning by the dry soils which have been turned to mud in the event the carpets aren’t vacuumed.

Even more, in the event the carpets were vacuumed ahead of the cleaning, then all those dry soils which have now been wet down and transformed to mud, and also those clumps of hair which can be now weighty and soaked, require a lot more work to become eliminated and as they are eliminated they choke up the filters towards the steam cleaning unit’s own vacuum device. As a result lessens a chance to remove as much possible moisture and water-soluble soils from your carpet throughout the cleaning procedure, stretches the drying time of the cleaning, and may lead to problems such as stains wicking up throughout the drying operation.

The easy reason behind this post is that some customers favor that their particular carpet cleaner does the vacuuming before their particular professional rug cleaning. That opinion of this business is that You must vacuum before a professional carpet cleaning service, with your personal vacuum cleaner.

- You May Not Want Something From Another Home Transported Into Your House Via A Traveling Carpet Cleaner.

Regrettably, many homes might not be as clean as your own. And reasonably, you would prefer to keep it that way. A traveling vacuum, or possibly a vacuum that a cleaning company brings from home to home, might be carrying bacteria, germs, fleas, and even urine deposits with that. Many vacuum cleaners have brushes that touch and agitate the surface of your floor covering. They will pick-up and remove soil, dust, and then dander from the carpet’s surface area. And also they pick-up microscopic debris, which could survive the vacuum’s brushes. On top of that, in the event that fleas are sucked up into the vacuum bag at the previous customer’s house, they could now be in your house. To prevent this kind of scenario, simply vacuum pressure with your personal equipment.


In short, yes indeed, the carpet must be vacuumed before an expert carpet cleaning and you ought to be the main one to deal with the cleaning. You are going to make sure that you’re keeping your house cleaner and that bacteria, fleas, and urine are certainly not being brought into your house via a traveling vacuum. The excess 20 minutes it requires you to vacuum before an expert carpet cleaning will definitely be well worth the peacefulness of mind. Happy cleaning!

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